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Storm Eunice causes Spurs stadium roof to wobble, here’s why

Storm Eunice causes Spurs stadium roof to wobble, here’s why

The Tottenham Hotspur stadium is a gorgeous modern spectacle and a true architectural marvel. 

The state of the art venue includes a host of modern features, a read down the list is sure to impress any doubters. With a seating capacity of more than 62,000 spectators, the stadium also has an incredible retractable pitch, which can then be used for hosting NFL games. 

Other distinct features include the likes of USB port fitted seats and an in-house microbrewery. 

The advent of Storm Eunice, which continues to create havoc in the UK, brought the attention of fans to a less popular feature of the stadium. 

Storm Eunice has invoked a ‘Red Alert’ in London, as wind gusts of up to 122mph have been recorded. 

The adverse conditions have led to the cancellation of football fixtures across the country, and venues have been getting affected as well. In light of the weather, Tottenham Hotspur stadium stands out from the crowd, as seen in this clip. 

As seen in the footage, the roof of the stadium appears to pulsate in reaction to the wind gusts, it essentially looks to be ‘bouncing’ up and down. 

The roof is designed to flex to avoid damages

For those wondering as to why this is the case, it simply is a result of some masterful engineering. 

The roof was designed purposely in this manner, with adverse weather conditions in mind, going by this statement from roof designers Schlaich Bergermann Partner. 

They wrote, “The outer south facade, composed of aluminium panels, is supported by the main roof structure”.

“Acting as an interface between stadium superstructure and roof structure, the facade is designed to compensate for large movements.”

It’s safe to say that the facade is facing its first real challenge, and so far it looks to be smashing it.