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How Trent Alexander-Arnold is helping unwanted academy players

How Trent Alexander-Arnold is helping unwanted academy players

Trent Alexander-Arnold is living the dream.

He has become one of the most pivotal players for Liverpool in their Champions League and Premier League-winning journeys.

He has been part of some key moments that will live long in the minds of football fans. All of this and he is only 23.

He invokes the kind of dreams that kids start dreaming when they first start watching football, then joining soccer academies as young as 5 or 6 years old.

It takes a decade to make it to the professional level, if not more; and those are the extremely fortunate ones.

According to former FA Head of Talent Acquisition Richard Allen, it is less than 0.5% of the kids signed under the age of 9 that go on to play for the first team at some point in their careers.

76% of the players are released between the ages of 13 and 16, which makes life incredibly difficult for these kids to deal with it.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has recognised this.

In a recent video message on Twitter, he reveals the empathy he feels for those boys who don’t make it and wants to work with such young people so that they don’t feel alone and left out.

He said that he wants to get involved in bettering the lives of these youngsters and help them out of their painful experiences and thus build a life anew.

As great as his abilities on the field are, this is something just as great, if not more and Trent could be an inspiration for many professional footballers to take part in such an initiative.