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Harry Maguire plays football in jeans and Timberlands in ruthless parody

Harry Maguire plays football in jeans and Timberlands in ruthless parody

It seems as if the Manchester United captain is always in the news, be it due to his questionable performances, alleged spats with teammates, or more recently, the shocking treatment he received from England fans

Suffice to say, United fans are always on his case. 

He’s been dubbed as ‘slabhead’, ‘fridge’ etc and the jokes have continued to flow, his lack of consistency hasn’t helped either of course. 

On this occasion, however, fans have gone the extra mile in trolling the former Leicester man. 

As seen in this video doing the rounds online, the creator has opted for a method that not only pokes fun at Maguire but also typifies his performances as of late.

The clip, captured in eFootball PES 2021, uses a mod that swaps out Maguire’s shorts and replaces them with a pair of jeans. Additionally, his studs are gone as well, replaced with a pair of notoriously hefty Timberlands. 

What follows are highlights of Maguire’s digital performance against Arsenal, and they include almost all the stereotypes associated with him. 

Right from the on, seeing the defender in blocky jeans is a strange sight. The performance begins with an own goal, courtesy of a rather tidy finish digital De Gea could do nothing about. 

After this Maguire can be seen clattering into Arsenal players, jumping over Ronaldo’s head, and taking a wayward strike (the Timberlands certainly couldn’t have helped).

The video certainly served its purpose of being hilarious as many users online were in splits. And like it or not, it’s definitely going to be the strangest thing you’ll see all day.