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England fans boo Harry Maguire as his name is read out loud

England fans boo Harry Maguire as his name is read out loud

England defender and Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is perhaps going through one of the most difficult moments in his footballing career.

The centre-back has been much criticized by fans and pundits for his consistent poor form for United this season and has been seen as the protagonist in the club’s disappointments this season.

The £80 million ex-Leicester man has been deemed to be not worthy to play at this high level in Europe by many fans who have also called for his removal from captaincy this season, with other players such as Bruno Fernandes and David de Gea churning out impactful performances.

The only relief for the Englishman so far has been that he has been able to deliver solid displays for the English national team, almost appearing as a totally different player.

Maguire had a decent outing in Euros in the summer of 2021 and even scored his penalty calmly in the final against Italy. But it looks like the defender is facing no comfort there either as Maguire was heavily booed by England fans as his name was announced in the starting 11 during the game against Cote d’Ivoire on Tuesday.

In this fan grab of the line-up announcement, Maguire’s name is met with the most boos, almost as if in unison from the English supporters.

The United man was also booed during the game each time he got a touch of the ball in the first half. While this was a friendly fixture, it is perhaps not a good precedent to set ahead of a major tournament like the Qatar World Cup this year where England are expected to be one of the favourites to go all the way.

This was perhaps recognized immediately by England manager Gareth Southgate and Maguire’s teammates in the squad who have shown their support for Maguire publicly and have condemned the boos from fans.

“I thought the reception was a joke. What he’s done for us, the way he’s performed for England has been phenomenal. I don’t get it. We’re either all in this together or we’re not. He’s in an England shirt and not only should you support a player in an England shirt regardless but when he has played at the level he has, puts the performances for us he has, it should be total commitment behind him…we recognize that everybody has difficult moments but he’s a top player and he’ll come through it,” said the England manager in his post-match press conference.

Maguire’s England teammates Declan Rice and Jordan Henderson too took to Twitter to express their support for the United captain and have branded the English fans’ antics as shameful.

“Total embarrassment from whoever booed tonight. Harry Maguire has been incredible every single time he’s put on the England shirt. Absolute nonsense now it’s becoming. Back your own players. Especially with a Major tournament coming up,” stated the West Ham midfielder online.

It did look like a rather unwarranted behaviour from the English supporters as Maguire has maintained good form for his country, even if he has been facing troubles for United.

With the current season coming to an end soon, Maguire would be looking to prove England fans wrong by putting in a good shift for England in the UEFA Nation’s League which is scheduled to resume right before the start of the next season.