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Fans report Harry Maguire for pretending to be a football player

Fans report Harry Maguire for pretending to be a football player

Manchester United’s poor form against the Big 6 of the Premier League this season continued on Sunday as City eased past them in a 4-1 victory. Having only picked up wins against Spurs and Arsenal out of a total of 6 matches against the best of the league, United continued to show that its brittle defence is totally not equipped to deal with high-quality attacks.

There were quite a few self-inflicted defensive errors that led to each of the 4 goals such as misplaced passes, poor marking during set pieces and simply not booting the ball clear when that is all required at the moment.

Unsurprisingly, it was a usual suspect who accumulated the maximum of errors with it being captain Harry Maguire. The Englishman has been having a horrendous time as centre-back and despite having a world-class defender in Raphael Varane to partner him, the errors continue to occur.

United fans have been going after Maguire for his lack of form and the club for allowing a player out of form to remain as the captain of a team the size and stature of the Red Devils. There have been (jokingly) calls to even reopen Maguire’s case for aggravated assault in Greece during last year in an attempt to get rid of him from the club.

The latest call for Maguire’s removal came following the Derby defeat where a fan reported the player’s Instagram account on the grounds that he is impersonating a football player.

This feature on Instagram allows users to report identity thefts committed by any user by using information such as photos and videos of celebrities. From the image, it is visible that this fan was indeed on Maguire’s verified account on Instagram attempting this.

These hilarious attempts at disposing of their club captain reveal that United fans have just about had it with Maguire representing the club, let alone being its captain.