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Harry Maguire hits back over claims of a rift with Cristiano Ronaldo

Harry Maguire hits back over claims of a rift with Cristiano Ronaldo

The turbulence continues at Manchester United. Despite grabbing a much-needed win against Brighton in the league, the mood has not shifted, and the steady stream of locker room leaks continue. 

In the past few days, two separate reports have come out suggesting dissent within United ranks, the previous one suggested cliques forming at United. The latest one takes aim at Harry Maguire‘s captaincy. 

According to the report by Daily Mirror journalist David McDonnell, there apparently exists a power struggle in the dressing room. 

The tension is reportedly between United captain Harry Maguire and forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

The report states that Maguire is ‘increasingly undermined’ by Ronaldo’s influence in the locker room and that the centre back is insecure regarding his position as captain. 

The Mirror report certainly isn’t the first of its kind, as multiple others have suggested a rift between the figures previously. However, unlike previous occasions, Maguire himself quickly dismissed the report’s validity. 

The 28-year-old tweeted and brushed off the story, stating ‘I’ve seen a lot of reports about this club that aren’t true and this is another’. 

Bringing up Maguire’s captaincy is a surefire way to create a debate amongst the United faithful, and the Three Lions international is far from a fan favourite. 

Nonetheless, fans online did appreciate the clarity provided by Maguire, after all, leaving rumours alone can lead to people assuming its legitimacy.