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Commentator makes fun of Harry Maguire for having a big head

Commentator makes fun of Harry Maguire for having a big head

Ever since his big-money move to Manchester United, England international Harry Maguire, has been at the heart of plenty of discussions. 

Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. 

The United skipper so far has endured a largely agonizing stint at the Red Devils and has faced the wrath of supporters on multiple occasions. 

His inconsistency has now led to him being a highly scrutinized figure at United, and fans online often pick apart every mistake he makes. 

A recent example being the game against Atletico Madrid where the English International was blamed once again, this time for being out of position during Atletico’s counter. 

His positioning led to a domino effect with eventually ended with an unmarked Renan Lodi heading the ball in the back of the net. 

Aside from this, the 29-year-old was trolled for having a ‘Big Head’, which admittedly interfered on two separate occasions. 

Maguire has often been jokingly referred to as ‘Slabhead’ by users online (on account of his big head), and it appears that the joke has reached far and wide. 

In the first half, Maguire failed to connect with an Alex Telles cross and clattered his head into Jose Gimenez instead. This prompted the commentator on Supersport’s broadcast to say, “it’s a well-known discussion point in football that Harry Maguire has a big head and he’s able to spread the load”.

The comment came off as a sly dig as social media blew up after the trolling from the commentator. 

Maguire’s ‘Big Head’ went at it again, this time injuring his own teammate in the process. 

It occurred during a set piece for the Reds, Maguire back pedalled and accidentally struck Ronaldo right in the teeth with his head. The blow looked a painful one, and the Portuguese striker held his teeth soon after the impact. 

The United skipper’s miserable night came to an end when he was astonishingly brought off for Juan Mata, a player who has only seen 172 minutes of football this season. 

The sub was met with ironic cheers from spectators, which is all you need to know about Maguire’s relationship with United fans.