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Look: Neymar Teases Newcomer Lee Kang-In Over His Precious Locks

Look: Neymar Teases Newcomer Lee Kang-In Over His Precious Locks

Neymar has become a veteran figure at PSG and seems to have taken responsibility of helping new players like Lee Kang-In settle into the club by giving them a lot of love. The South Korean forward is one of the players identified by their recruitment department and suggested by new manager Luis Enrique.

Lee set an impressive record in La Liga for Mallorca last season, gaining a reputation for being one of the best dribblers in Europe. He recorded the highest rate of successful dribbles in the top-5 leagues and the sixth most successful dribbles for a mid-table side like Mallorca. He also impressed for South Korea at the Qatar World Cup, even recording an assist in the win over Ghana.

The 22-year-old’s bright performances and ability to be an absolute livewire in the attack convinced the Parisians to make a cheeky move for him. For the Korean, this is a major step forward in his career and he’ll probably need some adapt to adapt to the major European side after having played for mid-table sides in his career.

How Neymar is helping Lee Kang-In settle in at PSG

It looks like Neymar has take the initiative to help the young winger adapt smoothly to life at the Parisian side. The two have only been interacting with each other for just around a month now and have been involved in some moments in pre-season so far.

But it looks like the Brazilian forward has assumed the role of an elder brother to the 22-year-old and has already developed a close bond with him behind the scenes. Neymar and Lee were both benched for PSG’s recent pre-season friendly against Inter Milan in Japan, which they ended up losing.

Despite being unable to help their team on the pitch, the two seemed to be having quite a lot of fun on the bench. Some special cameras were situated all around the stadium to record the entire experience, including a bench-cam that was able to track everything that the substitutes were doing at all times.

The bench cam caught a brilliant moment involving Neymar and Lee Kang-In during the game. Neymar was seen having an animated interaction with the South Korean forward and can be seen messing with his hair, which Lee doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Fans love the bromance between Neymar and Leee

The South Korean forward seems to be quite conscious about his appearance and is blessed with some really silky hair which even Neymar seems to be a fan off. After messing with him a little bit by playing with his hair, Neymar can be seen laughing at his junior forward after giving him a bit of a sweet ribbing.

It looks like Lee might be a bit paranoid about his hair getting ruined during matches and Neymar started messing with him as a bit of a joke. Fans seem to love this chemistry that has been created by the two PSG players only a month or so after they started interacting together.

On the other hand, some feel like Neymar is a bit to obsessed with Lee’s hair. That could be because it acts as a reminder for the silky hair he had during his years at Barcelona too. The Brazilian forward seems to be quite content with his appearance, but it remains to be seen if he can help Lee follow in his footsteps in becoming one of the most exciting wingers in world football at PSG.