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How James Maddison Displays His Passion For Harry Potter Through Tattoos

How James Maddison Displays His Passion For Harry Potter Through Tattoos

If you grew up in the 90s and 2000s, there’s a big chance that you’re a big fan of the Wizarding World. The Harry Potter books and films defined a generation of youth, becoming a cultural reset. This is again substantiated when Tottenham Hotspur’s new no.10 James Maddison recently revealed his love for the Harry Potter franchise.

James Maddison came to Spurs from Leicester City and became the centre of Spurs’ attack. But unfortunately, he picked up an injury in their match against, Chelsea.

In an interview with Ben Foster for Amazon Prime video sport, he revealed how much he loves Harry Potter even revealing three of his tattoos dedicated to Harry Potter. These tattoos include Harry’s lightning scar, 9¾ and the Elder Wand. All three are dream tattoos for every Harry Potter fan.

All three tattoos are inked into his right arm. Fans knew Maddison was a fan but now he has revealed the ink to prove it. The iconic lightning scar is almost synonymous with Harry while 9¾ King’s Cross Station is one of the wicked magic wonders fans will recognize from the first film itself.

The Elder wand however was introduced in later films and its iconic story was revealed in the final two films, as the most powerful wand in the world. Can’t really blame Maddison for wanting one, if he had one, he could score goals in an instant.

The obsession goes even deeper as he rewatches the Harry Potter films religiously during Christmas. “Every year I watch all the films at Christmas. My mates and my family say, ‘do you not get a bit bored if you watch it every year?’” What makes it better is his friends and family are surprised how even after years his love for the Harry Potter films has not vaned.

He further added that he loves the trivia about Harry Potter. Ben Foster noticed the memorabilia of Harry Potter content in the kitchen. He then revealed how his partner, Kennedy Alexa got him an authentic signature of Daniel Radcliffe with a wand and pictures.

Maddison however revealed he doesn’t want to meet Radcliffe. This is a long-standing tradition as so many people do not want to meet them even if they are fans because meeting them ruins the mystery. Like knowing a magician’s secret.

Maddison then revealed that he would be a Gryffindor with Harry and maybe Slytherin a close second. Harry Potter references are not just the first time for Maddison. In an interview with Tottenham’s social media team back in September, Maddison told them his area of knowledge he selected was Harry Potter. He also has a crazy coincidence with Potter, as his son, was born on the same day as Harry Potter, July 31.

Maddison has had high praise for his team, with compliments for the new manager, Ange Postecoglou and captain Heung Min Son and hopes to reunite with his team soon after recovering from injuries.

Image Source: YouTube