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See Lionel Messi Defy Gravity With Weighted Pull-Ups In Rare Gym Footage

See Lionel Messi Defy Gravity With Weighted Pull-Ups In Rare Gym Footage

Following the conclusion of the MLS 2023 league season and a commendable performance in the World Cup Qualifiers for the National Team, December would typically mark an offseason for anyone with such accolades. But not if your name is Lionel Messi.

Most would envision the Argentine captain relaxing on a beach, taking a break, and enjoying some time away from the game during this offseason. However, a recent video surfaced on the internet that captured Messi already in preparation for the upcoming year.

While the Eight-time Ballon d’Or winner is renowned for being a wizard with the ball at his feet, it’s rare that his admirers get an insight into his work in training. For all the countless documentaries and tribute packages that have been made on Messi over the years, his workout routine has always remained pretty private. But on Monday, his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo provided his fans a sneak peek into his gym training and people were taken aback.

Antonella Roccuzzo posted a video on Instagram that showed the Argentine captain in the gym. He was captured in a white T-shirt along with the Argentina National team’s distinctive blue shorts.

The brief video at a gym in Fort Lauderdale, showed the soccer icon performing pull-ups while wearing a dip belt with a weight in between his legs. It also featured his gym trainer Bret Contreras, a.k.a “The Glute Guy”, by his side counting the reps as the music by Bad Bunny played in the background.

Antonella shared the story on her Instagram with the caption “chin-ups” along with a series of fire emojis. She even tagged Messi and the gym trainer Contreras in the story.

This simple video caused a lot of excitement and buzz among the fans. Despite his long and storied career, the sight of the 36-year-old lifting weights isn’t something his fans are used to.

“This strange to me”. Commented a Barcelona fan on

“warming up for his 9th Ballon d’Or”

“It’s gonna be scary next year.” Warned another Messi fan.

However, the fans can’t really be blamed for their reaction. Although there is footage of Messi engaging in some lightweight training at his home gym, he has never been associated with extensive weight training. His entire focus circles around functional movements as opposed to sheer weight training.

Lionel Messi’s workout primarily consists of lower body movements that emphasize on his speed and agility more than strength. His routine comprises mainly two parts: linear and multidirectional speed training, each containing plyometrics and agility drills that keep his legs fit and flexible. Evidently, his recent weight training video definitely caught fans by surprise.

Clearly, his training techniques appear to have suited him perfectly. Moreover, when you boast a record of 821 goals and 361 assists across 1,045 professional matches and have been recognized as the most decorated footballer of all time, no one can dare question your ability and your training methods.

In an interview, his former Barcelona teammate, Kevin-Prince Boateng revealed: “I never saw [Messi] in the gym, he gets a massage and then plays basketball. 30 seconds before we go out to play, he just gets up and BOOM, goal, goal, goal…”

However, by the looks of it, Messi is already gearing up to take on the challenges of the 2024 season and has taken a different approach this time around. Messi’s commitment to constantly compete at the highest level even after achieving success in every aspect of football is undeniably a source of inspiration.

Inter Miami’s 2024 preseason kicks off with a friendly match against El Salvador’s National Team on January 19, 2024. Moreover, with the 48th edition of the Copa América scheduled for June 2024, the 36-year-old Argentina captain is determined to stay in top shape ahead of his 2024 campaign.

Featured Image Source: Twitter