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Is Neymar Really Losing His Hairline at 31? Fans Point Out Signs of Thinning

Is Neymar Really Losing His Hairline at 31? Fans Point Out Signs of Thinning

Football has witnessed numerous young prodigies who haven’t quite lived up to the expectations and justification of their talents. The biggest name on that list is arguably that of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

Neymar, who was once hailed as a future Ballon d’Or winner at F.C. Barcelona, failed to maintain his upward trajectory. Since his move to PSG, he failed to achieve any major success and has remained a shadow of his former self. Throughout his career, he has battled injuries, poor decision choices and now it seems he has another battle at hand. This time it’s to do with his receding hairline.

With a record of 296 goals and 193 assists across the 503 matches for his clubs, there’s no denying that Neymar is one of the greatest attackers of the game. Despite that, the 31-year-old couldn’t quite live up to expectations and his poor lifestyle choices might be blamed.

The 31-year-old is infamous for throwing extravagant parties with high-profile guests. He has also frequently been captured making various bold style statements with his looks. The Brazilian attacker loves to play with his looks and has frequently experimented with his hairstyles and hair colours.

Neymar has apparently added one more unique look to his arsenal of haircuts. Earlier in November this year, Neymar unveiled his latest haircut in his Instagram story. This time it is not some extravagant hairstyle but a simple shaved-off head. “New look,” wrote the Al-Hilal player in the Instagram story.

The Brazilian has changed his look fairly often. This has taken a heavy toll on his hair. His frequent change in hair colour makes it important for him to shave it off completely once in a while for them to grow back naturally. His recent pink dye was starting to fade off and it was important Neymar took this step to avoid permanently damaging his hair.

This hairstyle is not something unseen on the left winger. He previously adopted a similar shaved hairstyle while with Barcelona in 2015. However, fans have pointed out that this time, the shaved-off head is not just a style statement but a necessary step.

A recent video of Neymar has made rounds on social media. The video captured the Brazilian star in a poker game. The player was captured having a conversation with an unknown as he looked sideways in the video.

Fans were quick to capture this moment and highlight his receding hairline. They have expressed their opinions regarding it in a quite unhesitant and rather sarcastic manner.

“He is his own enemy at this point. Bro cooked his hairline from all them haircuts and hair dyes,” wrote a fan.

“That hairline is cooked”. Commented one of his major fan accounts.

The 31-year-old likes standing out t from the crowd and is never afraid to break from the norm. He has adorned some flamboyant hairstyles across his career. From short curly Mohawks to Spaghetti hairstyles and from buzz cuts to Braids, Neymar has had it all.

Apart from hairstyles, he has been captured in out-of-the-box hair colour shades as well.  From dual-tone hair colour to blonde, brown, copper, and most recently pink, Neymar has never shied away from trying something new for himself. Now it is time for him to press the reset button.

Neymar’s problem with hair is not new and apparently started at a young age. In an interview, his former hair expert Wagner Tena Rio revealed that Neymar had serious hair issues when the forward visited him before joining F.C. Barcelona.

He predicted that the constant change in hairstyle and colour would affect the health of his hair and could eventually lead to hair loss in the near future. It appears that his prediction is not that far from becoming a reality.

Neymar is currently going through a rough patch. An unfortunate ACL injury during the recent World Cup qualifying duty with Brazil has kept him sidelined for several months. It is reported that he will have to race against time to recover ahead of the Copa America next summer. Additionally, according to Saudi Arabian outlets, Al-Hilal are planning to temporarily deregister the player.

Exactly what Neymar’s future holds is completely uncertain. The only certainty is that the fans are eager to see Neymar in action as soon as possible. This time with a better hairstyle.

Featured Image Source: Twitter