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Lionel Messi shows ripped physique as opposed to Neymar’s dad bod

Lionel Messi shows ripped physique as opposed to Neymar’s dad bod

Lionel Messi continues to age like a fine wine.

At 34 years of age, the Barcelona legend should physically be on the decline after having such a long and illustrious career, but pictures of him vacationing after Argentina’s Copa America win this summer have shown that he still has a ripped physique.

Messi’s chiselled abs offered a stark contrast to his former teammate and the man who finished second to him in the Copa America this summer, as pictures of Neymar on vacation surfaced – with the Paris Saint-Germain superstar appearing to be overweight and well out of shape.

The former Barcelona player left the Camp Nou for a world record transfer fee in 2017, as he reportedly did not want to be in the shadow of arguably the greatest player of all time – and wanted to cement a legacy of his own.

But unfortunately for the Brazilian, the move has not worked out as well as he would have wanted it to, as PSG are still eluded by the holy grail of European football – while the signing of Neymar meant a massive step towards winning the Champions League title, the Parisian club has not gone any closer to winning the title.

The Seleçao’s squad for their Copa America win in 2019 did not include Neymar, who was instrumental in taking Brazil to the final of the tournament once again this year – but fell at the final hurdle to, you guessed it, Leo Messi and his team.

Four years on from his record-breaking transfer, Neymar has still not succeeded in breaking out of Messi’s shadow – and he found himself in it once again when pictures of his potbelly went viral on social media platforms.

Football fans were left amused by his physique, as Neymar’s dad bod meant that not only is the Brazilian behind in terms of talent right now – but Messi is also physically a level ahead, at least for the moment.