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9-year-old Santos player who was bullied online finds support from Neymar

9-year-old Santos player who was bullied online finds support from Neymar

9-year old Santos fledgling Bruno do Nascimento, fondly known as Bruninho, was one of the latest casualties of horrendous online-abuse post his team’s 2-0 defeat against Palmeiras.

The unruly Santos supporters, fuming over the loss, did not take kindly to Bruninho asking for opposition keeper Jailson’s jersey and lambasted him with ghastly messages on his social media.

The trauma-stricken 9-year-old, however, displayed temerity as he took to the internet and addressed his critics through a video, which went viral within minutes.

Several eminent figures of the football fraternity backed the youngster, the latest being Brazilian giant Neymar Jr, who shared the video on his Instagram raging over the haters and calling Bruno “A Giant” for his bravery.

The PSG main man, however, did not stop there. The 29-year-old made arrangements to meet the lad and extend his support against this disgraceful practice of bullying.

This momentous occasion was caught on tape, as the boy, understandably shaken up, bursts into tears upon spotting his idol, who warmly embraces him.

Neymar, who was himself a Santos player in his early days, is seen consoling Bruninho, lauding him over his healthy attitude and signing a couple of jerseys for the courageous kid.

The fans were overwhelmed at this beautiful gesture by Neymar and stood firmly behind Bruninho against online toxicity.