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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Setting Trends With Their Hermes Obsession

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are Setting Trends With Their Hermes Obsession

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caught the attention of the public eye with their elegant style of fashion choices on a plethora of occasions.

It is getting increasingly clear who is in charge of the shopping among the duo and there are no prizes for guessing who it is.

Prince Harry in his book Spare had written in length of his fondness for shopping at TK MAXX.

The brand store popular for its discounts on high-end fashion clothes was the go-to shopping place for Prince Harry in his younger days to buy his everyday attire.

Those days are gone now, and the Duke of Sussex has a reputation for keeping and being presentable to the world is something that one has to do to keep up with the times.

He was seen wearing a Hermes blue and white checkered tie to go along with his suit, looking like the most polite version of himself.

It certainly seems like a tie, a wife will buy for his husband, and Meghan Markle is thriving in picking out the clothes to level up their fashion game.

A blue coat accompanied by a blue tie garnered much love from the public so much so, that the tie is all sold out now, on the Hermes official website.

This is perhaps a story of almost every man.

Once they are married, they go from buying at TK MAXX without ever feeling the need to head for the trail rooms, to wearing Hermes’s fashioned clothing, after marriage.

Harry is no different in that regard.

The almost immediate sale of the same tie at Hermes’s site is another point of proof of the kind of influence the couple carries and the prevalence of being presentable is simply a part of the job, looking nice is important.

Meghan Markle was soon spotted together with her husband wearing a blue and white colored checkered scarf to match the tie of Harry’s.

There is a sense Meghan knew them wearing matching clothing with the same color and the brand would floor people.

Hermes only has to thank her probably for all the uptick in their sales, it has caused since they decided to step out wearing the scarf and the tie.

Followers have been gushing at how glamorous they look and how not boring it is to wear the same old attire of some the couple have left behind on the other side of the Atlantic.

Harry and Meghan Markle for many owing to the public criticisms they have endured and how they have managed to shape their life despite being strangled with constant negativities in the public eye have become couple goals, to use the Internet term.

Indeed their latest bravado in front of the public prompted thoughts about how good they are and how they have been for each other from the very beginning. They also have become such fashion icons as well, mostly thanks to Meghan Markle.