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Jake Humphrey Net Worth: How The TV Presenter Builds His Fortune?

Jake Humphrey Net Worth: How The TV Presenter Builds His Fortune?

TV Presenter Jake Humphrey is among England’s leading television broadcasters.

The 44-year-old is one of the top sports journalists around the world, mostly known for hosting the Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, and BBC’s Formula 1 coverage.

Humphrey was the first BBC host to cover the Superbowl. He also famously covered the Royal Wedding in 2011, a coverage for which the British received worldwide recognition.

Being one of the most well-known sports journalists in the world, people often wonder how much money Jake Humphrey makes. Well, we’re trying to explore the same. Follow us along as we answer this question.

How Does Jake Humphrey Make Money?

BT Sports’ presenter of their Premier League programming, Jake Humphrey is one of the leading sports journalists.

He started his career as a runner for the programming crew of Anglia Television in 2001. After transferring to a few different television contractors, Humphrey was hired by BBC to host their children’s exclusive programs.

Climbing up the ranks, Humphrey started presenting as a match reporter for BBC. He went on to cover the 2006 Commonwealth Games held in Australia.

In 2009, Jake was appointed as the anchor for BBC’s highly acclaimed Grand Prix coverage. This was the breakthrough moment in Jake’s career. He was awarded the 2009’s best sports broadcaster award by Des Lynam. In 2012, he also covered the London Olympics.

Humphrey started anchoring Football shows for BBC in 2006 and continued to feature in various football coverages until he made a switch to BT Sports in 2013. He’s been a mainstay in BT Sports’ Premier League and UEFA Champions League coverages ever since.

Jake also launched his talk show, “The High-Performance Podcast” alongside organizational psychologist Professor Damian Hughes. The podcast has been listened to in over 50 countries and was once ranked in the UK as the number 1 podcast in sports and business.

Jake is also an executive of Whisper Films, a company co-founded by the man himself in 2011. Whisper Films has gone on to become one of the fastest-growing production companies in the UK, specializing in high-end sports production. The company won the “Best Sports Production” award at the 2021 Sports Broadcast Awards.

In 2020, Jake was approved by Queen Elizabeth II to be a Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk. He’s been representing the Royal Family since 2021. In the same year, he was also chosen to become one of the first LinkedIn influencers.

Apart from his podcast and personal business ventures, Humphrey is also an investor and advisor to Coral Eyewear, Sky Yodi, and Mission Tea.

Along with being a thriving sports journalist, Humphrey is also a successful writer. In 2021, he released his bestselling book, “High Performance : Lessons From The Best On Becoming Your Best”. He also published “The Inside Track”, which was an instant hit.

Jake Humphrey’s Salary And Net Worth

Humphrey joined BT Sports in 2013 at an annual salary of €250,000. 10 years since then, it’s safe to assume that the journalist earns between €2-2.5 million per year.

With over 18 million views on YouTube, a figure around €500k could be contemplated as his earnings from “The High Performance Podcast” that streams across YouTube, Spotify, and Acast. Additionally, his impressive social media following is likely to be another boost of income.

A successful author, Jake has also published three books so far and is set to publish another later this year. That, combined with his stock investments and ownership in Whisper Films could amass him worth around €1.5-€2 million.

Considering all of his sources of income, we estimate Jake Humphrey’s net worth to be around €4-5 million.