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Jake Paul Reveals His Liverpool Fandom In The Most Obnoxious Way Possible

Jake Paul Reveals His Liverpool Fandom In The Most Obnoxious Way Possible

Celebrities from other fields and arenas have had a natural attraction to football for a long time now. In some cases, it would be personalities from other sports who have an affinity towards a particular club. For instance, NBA star LeBron James is an ardent Liverpool supporter for a long time. James’ interest in the club is serious as he secured a small stake in the club (2%) in 2011 and has now been handsomely rewarded for it owing to the Reds’ recent successes under Jurgen Klopp.

Having won a Champions League, a Premier League, a Super Cup, a Club World Cup and an FA Cup since 2018, these additions to the trophy cabinet have raised the club’s market value and income.

The wins have also improved Liverpool’s brand value and popularity, especially this season with Mo Salah leading the club’s shirt sales from the front due to his great form for the Reds.

All these factors make being a Liverpool supporter an attractive proposition at the moment and perhaps having taken note of it, American social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul has revealed that he is now in fact a fan of the Merseyside club.

During a Q & A session with fans on TikTok, the former YouTuber was asked about his interests in other sports such as football and he responded by signalling to be a Red and a big fan of Mo Salah.

“Yes! I am starting to get into football more. Mo Salah is a beast and I’m a Liverpool fan now,” expressed Paul on his TikTok channel.

With the social media celebrity now having publicly made his affiliation clear, football fans have had mixed reactions to Jake Paul’s claims.

The majority of fans on Twitter believe Paul’s revelation to just be a bandwagon move where he is supporting Liverpool only due to their recent successes and not out of any emotional connection with the history of the club.

Whether he is a faithful supporter of the Merseyside club like LeBron James remains to be seen but Jake Paul has surely made himself a popular figure amongst football fans with his proclamation.