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“Every Liverpool player” – LeBron James’ reply when asked about his favorite soccer player during a Q&A on Instagram

“Every Liverpool player” – LeBron James’ reply when asked about his favorite soccer player during a Q&A on Instagram

LeBron James is one of the greatest sportspersons in the history of all sports. He is a legend in the NBA and one of the few players who could go toe-to-toe with various athletes in different sports. So when he has favorite players in any sport, you can bet that he knows the quality of those players.

He might be aging like fine-wine on the court and he is yet to meet his match. Off the court though, James has met his match: Technology. He was baffled by the technology he was using. It was hilarious to see him fail to understand the concept of screen recording.

But, he pulled through and handled it like a boss. James went live on Instagram while he was in self-isolation. He covered various topics while answering questions posed by his fans.

Football fans in particular were interested to know whether LeBron James had any favorite football players (not the NFL ones). He had a few football players, whom he liked, namely every player in Liverpool’s squad.

The other names he mentioned were Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe. What was surprising was that he never mentioned Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, until somebody prompted it to him.

There might be a hint of partiality in his affinity for all Liverpool players, owing to the NBA star’s stake in Liverpool. However, when you consider the season they are enjoying under Jurgen Klopp, can you really blame him? They have been excellent all season long and are in line to hoist the league title at Anfield, for the first time in 30 years.

LeBron James and Ronaldo share a mutual admiration, owing to their status in their respective sports. He is also good friends with both Neymar and Mbappe, due to their interest in the NBA.

They have been seen at basketball games when they are not fulfilling professional commitments. What’s oddly common between the trio and him, is that they are all sponsored by Nike.

James has a 2% stake in Liverpool since 2011, and he has been a keen follower of their achievements. He famously celebrated on Twitter, when Liverpool lifted their sixth European crown last summer.

James is certainly going to savor every bit of Liverpool’s title win, when the league resumes after April 30th.