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How LeBron James Earned LeCapper Nickname

How LeBron James Earned LeCapper Nickname

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is known for many things, his status as a Basketball icon being chief among them. The 38-year-old has firmly established his spot alongside the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, and the various other greats of the game.

The Power Forward recently made his return to the NBA following a 13-game absence, as he played 30 minutes in the Lakers’ 118-108 loss to the Bulls. 

Prior to the game, some key information emerged regarding the status of his injury, as James himself stated that his foot injury was actually a torn tendon. Claims apparently made by his doctors also surfaced online at the same time, suggesting that the 38-year-old recovered from the torn tendon faster than ‘they’ve ever seen’.

Fans on Twitter immediately found the claims to be dubious, and many began suspecting that LeBron was running one of his classic hoodwinks again.

A trolling fest followed, and with it came the return of a fan-appointed nickname for the Laker:  ‘LeCapper’.

The meaning behind LeBron James’ nickname ‘LeCapper’

LeBron effectively earned the moniker by making a string of outrageous claims, each more unnecessary than the other. 

In most cases, the 38-year-old had literally no reason to lie, as the matters in the discussion were lighthearted. And hence, the lies were not the result of a conflated ego.

Additionally, he also made his cluelessness pretty obvious, by embarking on random tangents, repeating the same things multiple times, and making little to no sense.

Prime examples of this include the interview where he claimed to have predicted Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game. And the post-game presser when he brought along a book and proceeded to say nothing about it after some inquiries by the reporter.

Another hilarious example occurred during his exchange with Liverpool legend Peter Crouch.

Not only did James pretend to know about his existence, but he also proclaimed his Jordan Henderson fandom before going to utter the plainest, most ambiguous sentences you’ll ever hear. 

His music opinions also appear to be fabricated, the Laker once claimed to be a Migos fan since 2010 (their first project came out in 2011), And just last month, he proudly stated that Beethoven is part of his regular music rotation.

Naturally, fans online have taken notice of all these harmless lies, and they even devised a nickname for the liar in LeBron: ‘LeCapper’.

The nickname uses the beginning of James’ name and adds on the word ‘capper’, which is essentially slang for a liar.

Considering the number of instances where LeBron has lied without breaking a sweat, we can’t help but say that he has earned the nickname.