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This Jake Humphrey and Gordon Ramsay High Performance Podcast Clip is Unrelatable AF – Here’s Why

This Jake Humphrey and Gordon Ramsay High Performance Podcast Clip is Unrelatable AF – Here’s Why

Jake Humphrey‘s High Performance Podcast has seen many popular guests. Ant Middleton, Tom Daley and Steven Bartlett are just some names among many. The TV presenter’s latest podcast episode saw one of the most well-known personalities take a seat in his studio. Gordon Ramsay was the guest who opened up about his life and career in the latest episode.

Although everyone was excited to listen to their favourite British Chef, the episode’s promotional clip was savagely mocked on social media. The clip posted by Jake on X (formerly Twitter) couldn’t have been more out of touch with reality. The football presenter made a colossal blunder in selecting a promotional clip for the episode. 

The clip in question talked about how Ramsay was expecting his father-in-law to lend him £20,000 for the down-payment of a flat he and his girlfriend wanted to buy. At the time the British chef was riding a Porsche 911 and was  £20,000 short of the down-payment. The total deposit was listed at  £40,000. 

The average Joe realised the pure stupidity of Ramsay’s thinking and the Joes took to the internet trolling the celebrity chef. But the story doesn’t end there. The Michelin Star Chef’s father-in-law gave him the best advice he had ever got, according to Ramsay. Gordon thought everything was going right when they had lunch with his girlfriend’s dad.

Then came the time to talk about the real deal. Ramsay asked his father-in-law for the money and his in-law suggested he sell his Porsche 911. Gordon was driving around town with a Porsche 911 without a roof on his head. 

The chef thought about some pretty words which he then quoted in the podcast, ‘I thought you f**ker but you clever f**ker, here I am driving round in a flash f**king nine eleven and we didn’t even have a f**king house, we didn’t have a flat, we didn’t have a roof over our heads, it was the best advice he ever gave me. Sell your f**king Porsche. I did sell it and ten years later I went and bought it back’

The best part is that Gordon bought the same car back in ten years. Obviously this was the funniest piece of content people had seen on X(formerly Twitter), in a while. The listeners didn’t hold back on the trolls. One guy stated, ‘Oi white ppl problems >>>>>>>’, while another was giving financial advice, ‘Essential viewing for those struggling to get on the housing ladder. Seems it’s just a case of selling your Porsche and using the 20 grand you already possessed. Job done. Cheers lads’

The Reality

Gordon Ramsay describes him and his girlfriend as ‘young’ and ‘skint’. According to the Oxford dictionary, skint means, ‘ (of a person) having little or no money available.’ The British chef describes his younger self as skint, but the same younger version of him has £20,000 in savings.

The chef also owned a Porsche 911, ‌which today costs at around £100,000 to £250,000 depending on the model. If that’s what ‘skint’ means, then may god help everyone be as skint as Gordon Ramsay. Obviously Ramsay’s version of skint is far from the truth.

Gordon calls himself skint while his younger version owned disclosed assets worth £120,000-£270,000 minus depreciation. Not even the average UK citizen comes close in today’s date. In present times, an average British household owns £77,000 in assets. These are the statistics of an average UK household.

According to The Home Builders Federation, the prices of houses in the UK have been growing faster than the incomes of the people. Jake created the High Performance podcast to teach and inspire common people by sitting down and delving into the brains of highly successful individuals. If these individuals display such ignorance, then the very goal of the podcast is disregarded.

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