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Fighting Rudiger and Hugging Gavi: Sergio Ramos is Moving Strange After Joining Sevilla

Fighting Rudiger and Hugging Gavi: Sergio Ramos is Moving Strange After Joining Sevilla

In the unpredictable world of football, the return of Sergio Ramos to his boyhood club, Sevilla, after a staggering 18 years is nothing short of a riveting saga. Ramos, the legendary defender (and one of the greatest of all time), famously departed Sevilla for the glamor of Real Madrid in 2004. But, in a plot twist no one saw coming, he’s back where it all began, and the story is filled with unexpected turns.

What’s the scoop, you ask? Well, it’s a tale of hometown heroism, surprising pay cuts, and a rather controversial change of heart when it comes to the eternal Messi vs. Ronaldo debate. Let’s dive into this rollercoaster narrative.

Ramos didn’t just return to Sevilla; he practically raced back, leaving some astonishing offers on the table. Galatasaray waved an eye-popping €11 million a year at him, and Saudi big-spenders Al-Ittihad dangled an astronomical €20 million a year. But Sergio, with his heart rooted in his hometown, opted for a relatively modest €1 million a year at Sevilla. 

Why, you ask? Well, it’s not about the money for this football titan. It’s a debt of gratitude owed to his father, his grandfather, and to the memory of his late friend and teammate, Antonio Puerta, who passed away at the tender age of 22.

Now, here’s where things get spicier than a jalapeño-laden nacho. Despite winning four Champions League and two La Liga titles with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, Ramos dropped a bombshell. He declared Lionel Messi the GOAT! Yes, you heard that right. The man who played shoulder-to-shoulder with Ronaldo in the all-white kit made a Messi-sized U-turn in the eternal GOAT debate. 

But wait, there’s more. In a plot twist, Ramos scored an own goal against Barcelona, Real Madrid’s arch-nemesis, in a game where Sevilla fell 1-0. The same man who dedicated 18 years of his life to Los Blancos hugged Barcelona’s young sensation, Gavi, after the final whistle. You know it, I know it, in the football universe, this is as serious as crossing the streams in “Ghostbusters” – something you should never ever do.

But then, against all expectations, Ramos bounced back with an awe-inspiring performance against his former team, Real Madrid. He left it all on the pitch, a tornado of tenacity and ferocity. Forget handshakes; he exchanged blows with Rudiger and showed no mercy to his former compatriots. The Ramos of old, the one who never backed down from a fight, was back in all his glory. Ironically, it happened against Real Madrid, not Barcelona, raising questions that linger in the air. (Ahem!)

Now, the big question: Is Ramos out for revenge? Does he want to make a point to the Sevilla ultras, who didn’t give him the welcome he deserved due to his past antics against them during his Madrid days? The answer, however, remains a mystery.

But there’s one certainty: Sergio Ramos still has it; he still possesses that indomitable spirit. While his speed and physical attributes might not be what they once were, his determination, passion, and uncanny ability to read the game remain unrivaled. Whether he’s playing for his boyhood club or seeking redemption, one thing’s for sure – Ramos is still a force to be reckoned with.

In the whirlwind of Sergio Ramos’s return to his boyhood club, grab yourself some popcorn, as this football saga is far from over.