Watch UK PM Assist Iconic Goals as FT Goes Nuts Over Lizz Truss Curtsy Fail

The world came to a brief standstill recently, as news of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II travelled far and wide.

Surrounded by members of the royal family, the Queen peacefully passed away at her country estate in Aberdeen, she was 96 at the time of her passing.

Following the announcement, Operation London Bridge officially commenced, indicating 10 days of national mourning.

Liverpool men’s and women’s team captains Jordan Henderson and Niamh Fahey signing the Book of Condolence for Queen Elizabeth II.

While sports such as Cricket and Rugby chose to resume as scheduled, the Premier League and FA opted to postpone the entirety of GW7 as a sign of respect.

As is protocol, the newly proclaimed King Charles III met with recently appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace.

The latter arrived on the scene to offer her sincere condolences to the Queen’s son, a meeting that saw heavy media coverage.

When it comes to the Royals and the Political Elite, viewers typically assess every aspect.

On this occasion, various outlets pondered if the Prime Minister had overstepped her bounds by gripping the King’s arm too tightly.

Football Twitter (FT), on the other hand, has no time for such trivial narratives. 

And instead, it picked a moment from the meeting and hit overdrive on the memeing.

The moment in focus was Truss’s awkward curtsy while greeting the King.

Liz Truss being highly awkward with her curtsy

Her execution lacked all manner of grace, as it involved the slightest of knee bends alongside a bow which looked more like an affirmative nod, more along the lines of ‘You Good?’ rather than ‘Your Majesty’.

Footy Twitter caught on to her stilted curtsy and went to town with it, devising some brilliant football-themed edits. 

The most popular of these display a ball knocking on her head before being converted into some of the most iconic screamers the game has ever seen. 

Truss’s head moved very similarly to that of a player while executing a delicate header, with placement being the priority. 

This clip shows Truss knocking the ball into the path of Troy Deeney, who lashes into a ferocious volley, leaving Kasper Schmeichel for dead, and Vicarage Road in elation. 

That’s Football Heritage right there. 

Of course, that’s not the only contribution Truss is capable of, as proved by this clip in which she produces a wonderfully cushioned header for Stevie G to score an all-timer. 

The Liverpool Legend always had a thumping striker in his arsenal, but this one was particularly thunderous. 

At home against Olympiacos, dying embers of the game, ball on the half-volley, and bang. 

The sweetest strike you’ll ever see, and we all have Liz to thank for it, in this alternate version at least.