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People Want Ban on American XL Bully Dogs in the Wake of the Birmingham Attack

People Want Ban on American XL Bully Dogs in the Wake of the Birmingham Attack

The UK was rocked by recent news from the weekend that an 11-year-old girl was the victim of an attack from an American XL Bully dog, and many are now starting to voice their desire to see that specific breed to be banned from ownership.

The American Bully is described as a companion dog that comes in multiple variants. This includes the Bully XL, the Pocket Bully, the Micro Bully and the Toadline Bully – with all four being legally adoptable by owners. However, many want that to change after the latest dog attack in Birmingham.

Why is the American XL Bully Dog trending?

An 11-year-old girl was attacked by an American XL Bully even though she didn’t do anything to trigger the animal. On top of that, two men who tried to intervene also got attacked by the dog before the situation could be handled. The dog was sent to a vet for check-ups while the owner was questioned by the police.

This comes amid a worrying pattern of deadly dog attacks coming from this particular breed over the last few years in the UK. In 2022, every six in ten menacing dog attacks in the country was from this particular breed of animal (American XL Bully) and has been troubling a lot of people.

After the recent most shocking attack on a little girl, the UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has voiced her desire to get this breed banned from being owned by humans. She tweeted: “This is appalling. The American XL Bully is a clear and lethal danger to our communities, particularly to children. We can’t go on like this. I have commissioned urgent advice on banning them.”

The American XL Bully dog breed is known to be extremely demanding and one that needs to be properly and thoroughly trained to be kept under control as well as keeping their temperaments in check. It’s quite clear that a lot of the breed’s owners in the UK are not doing that, leading to the sharp increase in attacks over the last few years.

People call for American Bully XL breed to be banned

The American Bully XL can weigh from 20-60 kgs, often reaching the weight of a normal human being after growing on from its infant years. Its temperament and protective nature of the owner is a major reason behind so many attacks and after the recent most shocking attack in Birmingham, many want to see the breed banned from being used as a companion dog.

There is a general agreement being met that this breed is too unpredictable to be allowed to roam the streets, where it can be possibly triggered by other animals or human beings.

While some are agreeing that the breed has the potential to have a nice temperament and not be out of control, there are many other dog breed options available (in the pitbull/bull terrier category itself) and that is a way safer option for the owner and society as a whole.

Those who are calling for the ban of this particular breed aren’t exactly those who loath pets or dogs, but some who are probably scared for their own dogs and the risk that it could be attacked by an American XL bully on the streets.

There also seems to be a consensus that the reason behind all these attacks from the American XL bully breed over the years is mostly due to the indulgence and ineptitude of the owners, who put in more of their time into other things than actually focus on properly training their dog to be civil in public.

For the time being, there is no confirmation of the American XL Bully dog being banned from being owned by the general public in the UK. There are still many families with this breed, and many of these dogs are also quite well trained, so it remains to be seen what happens to stop these shocking attacks from being repeated in the UK going forward.