Video: Powerful moment Finland and Denmark fans chant Christian Eriksen’s name by call & response

Denmark fans sing Christian Eriksen's name at the Parken Stadium

Football fans around the globe probably witnessed one of the most frightening and disturbing incidents ever seen during a live athletic event as Christian Eriksen collapsed into the field during Denmark’s opening Euro 2020 fixture against Finland.

The Parken Stadium at Copenhagen froze upon watching perhaps the most popular footballer on the pitch fall unhinged and needed to be treated with live-saving CPR.

Though, from a terrible situation, a beautiful reaction arose as both the Danes and the Finns present at the ground chanted Eriksen’s name together in a call & response manner after the player was stretchered off the venue.

The Finland fans chanted “Christian” and the Denmark fans responded with “Eriksen”, check out the powerful moment below –

PS – The latest reports suggest that the Inter Milan star is stable and awake.


By Surjit Patowary

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