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4 Actors Who Could Easily Pass as Thomas Frank’s Twin

4 Actors Who Could Easily Pass as Thomas Frank’s Twin

When you think of Brentford, Thomas Frank‘s face is bound to cross your mind.

Because that’s how crucial the Danish coach has been to the team dynamics. Frank has been at the helm of the team for quite some time, joining Brentford in 2016 as Assistant Head Coach before being promoted to Head Coach in 2018.

Since then, he has undertaken an commendable task of restructuring the whole team. In the 2020–21 season, Frank became only the second Bees manager to secure promotion to the top-flight of English football, marking the first time in 74 years.

Certainly, Frank has had an inspiring journey with the Bees, and his game tactics are one of a kind. However, apparently, his face is not that uncommon to spot.

After Twitter found a Pep Guardiola doppelganger in India, they have come up with quite a list of doppelgangers for Thomas Frank. But looking at the names on the list, Frank wouldn’t complain at all.

Swann Arlaud

You might be familiar with the French actor from movies like “Anatomy of a Fall” and “By the Grace of God”. Known for his intense gaze and chiseled features, Arlaud bears a striking resemblance to Thomas Frank, particularly in their sharp jawlines and piercing eyes.

Their shared demeanor exudes determination and focus, whether on the silver screen or the football pitch. If Frank were to have his hair trimmed, fans would have a really tough time distinguishing between them.

Kyle MacLachlan

One of the actors Thomas Frank also bears an uncanny resemblance to is Kyle MacLachlan, known for his roles in cult classics like “Twin Peaks” and “Blue Velvet.” The resemblance is striking, with both men possessing similar facial structures and expressive eyes.

You can’t even ignore the similarity in those free-flowing hair locks. Frank’s stoic demeanor on the sidelines often evokes memories of MacLachlan’s iconic characters, adding an intriguing layer to his persona as a football manager.

Willem Dafoe

If you’ve been a fan of Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man, you won’t have any issue correlating the uncanny resemblance with the Green Goblin – Willem Dafoe.

While Frank may not exude the same level of intensity as Dafoe’s characters, there’s a certain gravitas in his presence that aligns with the veteran actor. The Green Goblin shares an intensity of gaze with Frank, along with similar eyebrows and a determined set to their jaws. The hair is just an added bonus.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis, known for his neurotic humor and distinctive appearance, is yet another persona who shares similarities with Thomas Frank. Now we don’t really know how much Frank’s sense of humor matches Lewis’s, but their faces surely do, particularly those high cheekbones, jawline and the expressive eyes.

According to scientists, every person has about six doppelgangers in the world. While social media has successfully identified four of these doppelgangers, there remain a couple more to be discovered in order to complete the set.