(Video) Frank Lampard and Pep Lijnders involved in a heated exchange on the sidelines

Things got heated in the first half of the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield last night.

Liverpool won the game 5-3 with the Reds beaming to a 3-0 lead at half time.

Their second goal had the Chelsea boss fuming though as Frank Lampard questioned the referee’s decision to award a Liverpool free kick because of Mateo Kovacic’s foul on Sadio Mane.

Lampard was seen getting involved in a shouting match with Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders –

The Chelsea boss spoke about the incident while speaking to Sky Sports after the game, “For me it wasn’t a foul from Kovacic, and there were a lot of things that were ongoing.

“And on the bench, no, I’ve got no problem with Jurgen Klopp. He’s managed this team and it’s fantastic. Some of the bench, it’s a fine line between when you’re winning – and they’ve won the league, fair play to Liverpool football club.

“But also don’t get too arrogant with it. That was my thing. But done. That’s it. It matters when you get emotional and that was it.”