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Look: Cristiano Ronaldo Acknowledges Senegal Home Kit Amid Fan Frenzy

Look: Cristiano Ronaldo Acknowledges Senegal Home Kit Amid Fan Frenzy

Cristiano Ronaldo is known to be a friendly character outside the football pitch.

The Portuguese star is currently in his home country itself, as part of the pre-season training of his Saudi Arabia-based Al Nassr FC. Videos of him training with Al Nassr are all over the social media.

But another video which caught the attention of all is the one in which the 38-year-old is seen praising the jersey of a fan, who apparently wears a Senegal uniform.

In a clip which has now become viral on social media platforms, the fan, who wears a Senegal jersey comes and shakes hands with Ronaldo, who obliges him with a photograph and then is heard telling him “you were a good kit.”

Apparently the fan was wearing Senegal’s home jersey which was used for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The main feature of the predominantly white Puma jersey is the chevron on the chest, which has been designed like the Senegalese national flag.

So thrilled was the fan who is spotting a million-dollar smile and then keeps his hand on the Senegal emblem of the jersey as they together strike a happy pose.

A couple of fans standing nearby too joined the camaraderie and fun as it was pictures galore.

After the training session, Ronaldo, who made his 200th international appearance recently obliges a lot of kids with pictures before the Senegal fans comes in and has the picture of his life shot as was evident some his smile on his face.

Serious character

Though Ronaldo is generally known to be a very serious character on the pitch , with him often seen arguing with referees and showing a disgruntled face whenever he is substituted, no matter which team he plays.

He is someone who sticks to his stand as was evident during the Euro 2021 pre-match presser against Hungary, when he removed the bottles of Coca Cola, who was one of the main sponsors, in front of him and replaced them with normal drinking water, a move which cost Coca Cola dear as the company’s share price dropped drastically after the sudden move.

That had more to do with Ronaldo’s dislike for carbonated drinks.

But outside the football pitch, he is known to a very friendly character, who doesn’t mind a friendly banter or two.

And this particular video showed the human face of the superstar and the act of Ronaldo lauding the fan and his Senegal jersey is a pointer in the case.

The talismanic striker, who has played for some of the top-notch clubs in Europe like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, made a big-bucks mega move to Al Nassr, who ended up as runners-up in the Saudi Pro League.

Making mileage

The Saudi-based club has also been trying to use Ronaldo’s Good Samaritan image to maximum.

Recently, Al Nassr soccer announced their tie-up with American giant with Nike as their new kit manufacturer, showcasing their strong commercial presence alongside the renowned player. The last time Al Nassr had Nike on board as kit sponsor was way back in 2012.

Till Ronaldo came, Al Nassr had a long-standing relationship with Arabic powerhouse Duneus, who themselves copied Nike’s style.

But with a big name like Ronaldo in their ranks, the club has gone for a paradigm shift in their marketing strategy.