Cristiano Ronaldo Turns Schoolbag Meme Into Reality By Texting Piers Morgan About His Non-Goal Against Uruguay

For the week leading up to the World Cup, there was only one topic that dominated the headlines.

It had all to do with Cristiano Ronaldo and his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan, one which eventually led to a sour breakup between the striker and his former club Manchester United.

Following his sensational comments, CR7 managed to become the center of attention for the millionth time in his career.

His legion of fans flocked to his defense, while the others were far from convinced by his actions.

The interview did as intended, and gave Football fans a bit of perspective on all the happenings around his departure.

Unfortunately for him, a majority of fans observed the interview through a very different lens, and it led to the birth of a hilarious narrative.

Football Twitter took his famous walkout during United’s game against Spurs, slapped on a schoolbag a bucket hat, and labelled Ronaldo a tattle-tale.

Not only were the memes hilarious but they also made sense, you don’t need a keen eye to notice how the interview flowed from one buzz-worthy topic to another, almost as if Morgan was familiar with Ronaldo’s thoughts.

The duo had most likely been in contact for weeks prior to filming the interview, with Morgan providing an ear to the striker’s tantrums.
And while the narrative was speculative at first, yesterday it actually happened in reality.

On this occasion, the 37-year-old’s grievances have to do with his ‘ghost goal’ against Uruguay.

The game’s opener came after Ronaldo ‘headed’ in a perfectly-weighted pass from Bruno Fernandes.

As it turned out just seconds later, the striker made no contact at all, and the goal was rightly awarded to Fernandes.

If you think an athlete as competitive as Ronaldo would take that lying down, then prepare to be surprised.

He didn’t just show his objection to the decision after being subbed off, but he also made sure to inform his confidante in Piers Morgan.

The striker quite literally texted the journalist from the dressing room itself and staked his claim on the goal.

Morgan himself then confirmed that the interaction did indeed happen, and even added that Fernandes also agreed.

Good luck to anyone who finds themselves on the striker’s bad side, a public dressing down from Piers Morgan will almost certainly be on the cards.

As if this situation couldn’t get pathetic enough, the Portuguese Federation are reportedly going to present evidence in support of Ronaldo, even after ball-makers Adidas provided concrete evidence that the striker made no contact whatsoever.

It’ll be interesting to see how he handles the upcoming rejection, although we’re more interested in how Morgan will ultimately criticize the decision.