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Best Thing Since Sliced Veg? Jack Grealish Gets Famous Idiom All Wrong

Best Thing Since Sliced Veg? Jack Grealish Gets Famous Idiom All Wrong

In case you weren’t aware, Jack Grealish is a vibe. 

From letting the party animal out in Ibiza to famously comparing Riyad Mahrez with Miguel Almiron, the forward lives life to the fullest and brings fun to every occasion.

His antics recently drew attention once again, the reason may be a bit trivial, but the vibes are fun as always.

It all occurred during Grealish’s interview with talkSPORT, during which the Man City player spoke on the criticism being levied at the England National side

The Three Lions got off to a blazing start in the World Cup by slotting 6 past Iran, after which fans got far too excited.

Unfortunately, disappointment followed as England’s subsequent game against the USMNT was a snooze-fest, featuring an entirely unconvincing display by the English.

The team seemed to lack any attacking incision whatsoever, and their offensive forays ultimately led to nothing, 

On the flip side, they didn’t look sound during transitions either, as the Americans consistently out-manoeuvred the midfield.

Naturally, fans held nothing back with their criticism of the side, with some even calling for Gareth Southgate’s sacking.

Needless to say, the reaction was far too premature, and Grealish went on to convey the same thought during his interview. 

The 27-year-old said, ‘i think it was a big overreaction, I think apart from Spain we’re the top scorers of the tournament maybe. The other day against Iran, we were the best thing since sliced veg, you know, scoring 6 goals and then we go a game without scoring and yeah, I think it was a bit of an overreaction.’ 

You’d think fans would be drawn to the point Grealish was making, but of course, they found his misuse of the classic idiom to be more intriguing.

In case you’re wondering, the idiom goes ‘best thing since sliced bread’, instead of ‘sliced veg’ which was employed by Grealish. 

He began chuckling even before saying the idiom incorrectly, which leads us to wonder if the error was actually on purpose, and aimed as a joke. 

His antics began a mini-argument amongst fans with many suggesting that he did indeed say ‘bread’.

We’re with the ‘sliced veg’ faction, simply because it’s more fun that way, and honestly, pretty on-brand for Grealish.