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What Happens When Jack Grealish Tries to Speak Chinese? A Comical Disaster

What Happens When Jack Grealish Tries to Speak Chinese? A Comical Disaster

Manchester City star Jack Grealish is perhaps the most amusing Footballer in the Premier League currently, at times even unintentionally so.

From the rolled-up socks and the bulging calves to the curtained hair and the boyish charm that ties it all together, the 27-year-old is quite the character.

Aside from being a 2-time Premier League Champion and a Gucci ambassador, Grealish is also known for being an unbothered funnyman.

Over the years, the England International has provided numerous moments that left fans in splits.

Examples include him messing up an incredibly popular idiom by saying ‘sliced veg’ instead, or his miserable attempts during the impromptu spelling bee staged by Bukayo Saka.

As seen in moments such as these, the forward has an infectious frivolity about him, and fans simply cannot get enough of it.

The two instances mentioned above also showcase Grealish’s gripes with language, be it conversational or verbal.

With this bit of additional context, imagine if the former Aston Villa man tried his hand at a foreign language…Chinese perhaps?

Fortunately for fans, the thought doesn’t have to be constrained to the imagination anymore, as footage has emerged of Grealish attempting to speak Mandarin. And as expected, the clip is absolutely hilarious.

It all occurred after the forward was selected for some media duties, specifically a TV advert intended to air in China.

Placed in front of a green screen, Grealish was handed a red scroll that he was supposed to unroll as he uttered a single sentence of dialogue in Chinese.

To quell your curiosity, the dialogue upon translation reads ‘watch the big show this spring’.

While the task may seem simple enough from our distant vantage point, Grealish certainly had a difficult time getting the pronunciation right.

And his many takes and retakes can be seen in this clip.

It kicks off in perfect fashion; with a look of sheer bafflement on the England International’s mug.

As the video rolls on, you can spot Grealish doing his best to hold back a fit of laughter, all while the translator enunciates the sentence slowly for his benefit.

10 seconds in, and the forward mumbles something nearly unintelligible in his native language, which really sets the theme for the entire video.

The first word alone appeared to have the City player gobsmacked.

Even after listening to it multiple times, Grealish had to consult the instructor before his very first attempt.

The latter parts of the clip display the forward running 2 takes while saying the entire sentence and judging by the variety of expressions that pop up on his face, even Grealish knew that it sounded a bit off.

Nevertheless, we certainly hope that the media team was able to get a proper take,