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Move Over Jack Grealish, Brian Brobbey Is The New King Of Calves

Move Over Jack Grealish, Brian Brobbey Is The New King Of Calves

Jack Grealish has long been known as Football’s ‘king of calves’, but the Manchester City star’s crown could possibly be snatched away by Brian Brobbey, whose hulking physique recently became a topic of discussion online.

The Gucci model, and part-time Footballer, has one of the most distinct styles in the game today.

Rolled-down socks, a hairband tucked in his fluffed-up hair, and a pair of bulging calves to go along with them, Grealish’s personality oozes through his sporting attire. 

His calves, in particular, have piqued the interest of fans, who have constantly quizzed the England International for leg day tips.

Sadly, their inquiries have been to no avail, as the forward has usually retorted by calling them genetic and natural.

For disappointed fans wishing to make their legs similarly shapely, we suggest directing your inquiries toward Ajax forward Brian Brobbey.

A product of the Ajax academy, the striker joined the club when he was 15 years old. 

Brobbey would go on to make his senior debut in October 2020, followed by a number of sporadic appearances.

Despite the scarcity of playing minutes, the Dutchman turned heads across Europe, and eventually, he secured a move to RB Leipzig. 

Unfortunately, things failed to work out at the German outfit, and Brobbey returned to Ajax in December 2021.

The striker’s stocks continue to rise,  he has netted 11 goals in 25 Eredisive appearances this season, and with plenty of room for improvement, Brobbey looks like a star for the future. 

Bryan Brobbey’s massive calves 

While there are many facets to his game, the 21-year-old’s physique is perhaps his greatest plus point. 

Standing at 5’11, the striker is an imposing figure carrying plenty of strength to shrug off defenders. The most impressive part of his build has to be the massive tree trunks he has for his legs.

From his thighs all the way down to the calves, Brobbey’s legs are ripped to the max. 

The muscle definition is incredible, and his calves classify as absolute units.

This point was emphasized after an image of him standing alongside Davy Klaassen emerged online.

Brobbey’s calves immediately stand out in it, especially when contrasted against his teammate’s comparatively slender ones. 

The sheer heft of them is honestly remarkable, his calves likely outweigh most people’s biceps. 

Naturally, the striker wears his socks rolled down, as his beefy calves could easily rip through the fabric.

Reports online state his weight to be a meager 78kg. Needless to say, this state needs updating. 

We’ve seen enough to crown Brian Brobbey as the new ‘king of calves’. And since Jack Grealish is hell-bent on keeping his secrets, we advise asking Brobbey for a calves routine instead.