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Jack Grealish Gets Upset after Being Snubbed for KDB during Man City QnA

Jack Grealish Gets Upset after Being Snubbed for KDB during Man City QnA

Manchester City‘s £100m man Jack Grealish hasn’t quite found his feet for the Cityzens just yet. The England international joined City’s glittering attack last year from Aston Villa, adding further flair to an already impressive bunch. 

However, things haven’t gone swimmingly yet for the 26-year-old, as hasn’t quite blended seamlessly into Pep Guardiola’s system. 

Nevertheless, he certainly became a hit in the dressing room and seems to have gotten along with his teammates fairly well. 

His unapologetically positive energy was on full display during City’s title celebrations, and his teammates looked to be loving the vibe as well. 

Grealish’s classic antics were on display once again, this time during a Q&A session alongside City centre back John Stones and youngster Romeo Lavia. 

The trio were asked a number of questions sent in by fans, they ranged from topics such as favourite players to nerve-wracking moments.

One such question asked Lavia who he was most excited to play alongside after joining City. 

Without a moment’s hesitation, the 18-year-old responded by picking Kevin De Bruyne. He further stated “because he’s Belgian as well”, as his reason.

A plausible answer by all means, however, Grealish was left offended, as he instantly turned towards Lavia with a dubious look on his face. 

His doubts were quickly clarified as Lavia reminded him that he was an Aston Villa player at the time. 

The realization looked to dawn on Grealish quickly, who then turned to face the camera once again, looking more content on this occasion. 

The hilarious exchange looked like something plucked out of a sitcom, and the Englishman wasn’t done jesting yet. 

Aside from his talents on the pitch, the forward is known for possessing some ridiculously toned calves. 

One fan sent in a question asking him how often he trains his calves, perhaps in hopes of receiving Grealish’s routine. 

In response, the 26-year-old surprisingly replied, “Never, I’ve never done it in my life, they’re natural. Au Naturale.” 

His sarcasm wasn’t fooling anyone, even Lavia could barely hold in a chuckle. 

The video adds more moments to the list of Jack Grealish being Jack Grealish, and if they’re anything to go by, the forward must be a hoot in the dressing room. 

Check out the full QnA below –