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GWR Admin Rinses Man United Fan Who Mocked Them for Celebrating Luka Modric’s Contract Extension

GWR Admin Rinses Man United Fan Who Mocked Them for Celebrating Luka Modric’s Contract Extension

Wednesday afternoon was a special day for Real Madrid and its fans as the club announced the renewal of their legendary midfielder Luka Modric’s contract for another season.

The one-year extension will now see the Croatian remain in the Spanish capital and play at the New Santiago Bernabeu which has been a dream of his.

While this contract renewal could be Modric’s last one with Madrid, he has already made a mark at the club with his unbelievable longevity to stay at the top of his game at the age of 36.

Coming up against younger and more physical opponents in midfield this season, the former Ballon D’or winner managed to out-school whoever the opposition team had to throw at him with his experience and grace on the ball.

The announcement of his continuation with the European Champions became a moment also for the footballing community to recognize his impressive consistency.

Some even believe that Modric’s level will enable him to play well into his 40s and the Twitter admin for the Guinness World Records took this opportunity make this very joke.

The Tweet recorded that Modric would go on to play for Madrid even in 2045 and that the same admin would have to tweet about the Croatian breaking the world record for the longest-serving player.

But not all were impressed with this cheeky limerick from the admin as one Manchester United fan mocked the GWR admin for this attempt by tweeting, “must be a boring day for you.”

However, it looks like the GWR admin was in no mood to take prisoners as the account roasted the fan’s association with the Manchester-based club with a cold reply – “must be boring as a United fan.”

If there ever was a world record for ‘the most brutal troll’ by GWR, then surely one of their own has taken it home this year at the expense of an unfortunate United supporter.