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Connor Roberts Calls Out Wout Weghorst for Not Giving Enough to Burnley

Connor Roberts Calls Out Wout Weghorst for Not Giving Enough to Burnley

Chemistry and camaraderie among players are essential for any club to achieve their targets on the pitch. More often than not, this occurs organically, or even through team-building exercises. 

However, all that is out the window when players don their national colours, priorities switch and tension develops, pitting club teammates against each other. 

Such a case occurred during the UEFA Nations League tie between the Netherlands and Wales. 

After having secured their World Cup qualification recently, Wales looked to follow it up with a positive result in front of their home crowd in Cardiff. 

After a dramatic extra-time equalizer they thought they had done just that, however, a twist soon followed. Burnley striker Wout Weghorst arrived in the box and headed home the winner in the 94th minute, giving the Dutch a win.

While his fellow Dutch compatriots celebrated ecstatically, his Clarets’ teammate Connor Roberts looked to have it in for the striker.  And it turns out, his gripe wasn’t just with the late winner.

As seen in this viral clip, the Welshman confronts his teammate and appears to ask him “Why didn’t you do that for Burnley?” 

The striker responded shrewdly, and appeared to say “this isn’t about Burnley, shut up.” There’s still a bit of dissecting to do before labelling the exchange as ‘heated’, but it certainly appeared to be so.

Perhaps Roberts didn’t take too kindly to Weghorst’s comments about his future in a recent interview. The Dutchman stated that he has no desire of playing in the Championship, and will assess his options, especially with the World Cup closing in. 

It remains to be seen whether the striker will be seen at Turf Moor next season. Nevertheless, an awkward conversation awaits the pair when they both return.