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Verdict: Portugal Kits for 2022 World Cup are a Mixed Bag

Verdict: Portugal Kits for 2022 World Cup are a Mixed Bag

With the Qatar World Cup on the horizon and the UEFA Nations League in full swing, the focus is placed entirely on international football at the moment. 

The attention presents a rare opportunity for sportswear brands to amaze fans with their brand new national kits, as they’ll feature in the spectacle that is the World Cup. 

However, Nike seemed to have missed the mark with their design for Portugal’s home kit, and an early leak has been getting poor reviews online. 

The 2022 edition will likely be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last, and as such, you can imagine shirts bearing his name will fly off the shelves even more so than usual. 

Unfortunately, going by the leaks, the sportswear brand will be unable to provide an iconic kit to go with CR7’s potential last dance at the biggest stage of them all. 

Revealed by the always reliable FootyHeadlines, the kit is all set to feature a half-n-half design, borrowing the colours from the nation’s flag. 

The shirt is part green, and part ‘wine red’, along with ‘Dart Gold’ accents. 

While the orientation of the split is yet to be confirmed, the half-n-half design is a certainty, and fans online were less than pleased.

Fortunately, the away kit leak looks promising, and may just end up saving the day. 

It offers a fresh yet familiar look, with neat tweaks that add variety.  An off-white base envelopes the centre, and a unique block-based design runs across horizontally. Red looks to cover the majority of the stripe, while green covers the rest. 

Additionally, the logos and accents are navy blue in colour. 

The sleeve cuffs and collar feature the same navy shade, rounding off the design

The general opinion around the away kit leak was far more positive.  If Portugal ends up making their Qatar campaign a memorable one, there’s certainly potential for the kit to go down in football folklore.