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76 Shooting is Right: Watch Jack Grealish Get Humbled By His FC 24 Rating

76 Shooting is Right: Watch Jack Grealish Get Humbled By His FC 24 Rating

Jack Grealish has developed a reputation for being a wild party freak ever since winning the European treble with Manchester City. He’s even been compared to Paul Gascoigne and warned about his drinking habits. But in reality, the Englishman still appears to be a realistic, down-to-earth person.

That was definitely the case when he was presented with his FC 24 rating in a recent interaction video with EA Sports. For those unknowing, the 28-year-old has been given a moderate 85 rating in FC 24 – even though he was a part of his side’s treble-winning heroics from last season.

EA appears to have only given him a +1 hike from his FIFA 23 rating (84) and something like that can anger a lot of footballers. But Grealish appears to be surprisingly calm about this and believes that the developers have been very realistic with his rating and the numbers on his key attributes.

The Englishman was shown his new FC 24 rating card and the presenter voiced their surprise at him getting just a +1 increase from the last edition. Surprisingly, Grealish accepted it and was pleased to have at least seen an increase to his rating rather than rant about how underwhelming the card is.

When asked about the game only giving him a 76 shooting attribute despite his ability to score wonder goals, Grealish replied: “Yeah (76 shooting is right). Geez I only scored five (in all competitions last season).”

Grealish was, although, slightly surprised by his 73 physicality attribute. He insisted that EA shoud’ve given him better score in that aspect, probably because of well he copes with crunching tackles. However, he then admitted that ‘it’s alright’ and that he has no issues with EA giving him a relatively low physicality despite him having seemingly the best calves in the game.

In a stark contrast to his down-to-earth reaction to the FC 24 ratings, a number of other Manchester City stars were left moaning about how they should’ve been rated much higher and were robbed by EA. But Grealish was quite humble about his performances from last season despite the treble-winning heroics.

At 88, Grealish’s highest attribute in the game is his dribbling, which is understandable knowing his ability to dance past players. He’s only been given an 84 passing attribute, which could be a little bit on the lower side knowing his crossing ability and creativity.

The Manchester City star’s down-to-earth reaction to his FC 24 card and how he accepts it without throwing a fit has impressed a lot of fans. Grealish is being praised for being quite self-aware about his shortcomings and not trying to overvalue some of his attributes which are probably not as good as he’d ideally want them to be.

The Englishman comes from a very humble background and has still kept that part of his personality in him, despite being the most expensive British player of all time and earning millions every year.

With that being said, while some fans are admiring his humble nature in this ratings video, others are afraid that his confidence might’ve plummetted after a poor start to the 2023/24 season.

Grealish is yet to score a goal in this campaign and has been benched by new signing Jeremy Doku. Fans think his humble reaction was due to his confidence being at an all-time low at the moment.