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Jack Grealish Net Worth: How Rich Is The Man City Star After Gucci And Puma Deal?

Jack Grealish Net Worth: How Rich Is The Man City Star After Gucci And Puma Deal?

Jack Grealish has recently signed new boots deal with German Shoemaker Puma which is set to earn him 10 million pounds a year.

This amount is more than triple what the previous highest earners Gareth Bale and Harry Kane used to earn (3 million pounds a year) from their respective shoe deals.

Jack Grealish signed his first professional contract with Notts County in 2015 on loan from Aston Villa, which saw him earn only 1.1k pounds a week. But after returning from his loan, Grealish’s salary increased almost 15 times to 15k pounds a week.

Grealish made only a few appearances when Villa were in the Premier League but his contributions increased the following season he was rewarded with a new deal that saw him earn a weekly salary of 25k pounds.

Grealish brought the Villans back to the Premier League with a new deal worth 35k pounds a week. Grealish’s talismanic performances saw him earn praise from every corner. He again signed a renewal deal which increased his salary to 60k pounds a week.

This contract was again improved by the Villans in a bid to keep their Captain in the team. Grealish’s new salary was 120k pounds a week.

At last, in 2021 Grealish made his record move to the Etihad for a whopping 100 million pounds which is the record transfer fee for an English player.

Grealish’s salary also skyrocketed from 120k pounds to 300k pounds a week which made him the second-highest earner at Manchester City just behind Kevin De Bruyne (420k pounds).

What is Grealish’s net worth?

According to Marca, Grealish was worth around 17.5m pounds till February 2022, this is comparatively less than other superstar players.

But Grealish has recently signed for Manchester City which has substantially increased his salary. This figure also doesn’t consider the new endorsement deals that Grealish has signed.

Grealish signed a bumper deal worth 1.4m pounds with fashion giants Gucci in April 2022. Grealish also swapped Nike for Puma for a record worth of 10 million pounds a year.

If we include these new deals in the equation with almost the year’s salary then Grealish’s net worth would be around 32.52 million pounds which is a substantial increase from last year.

Jack Grealish has struggled so far this season in making an impact with Erling Haaland’s addition to the already bolstered attack of City, many people predicted that Grealish would have a breakthrough season but he has failed so far.

Manchester City is facing tight competition for the Premier League title this season with the unexpected performances from Arsenal. With just 11 games left to play and a 5-point gap between the two, every match would be a must-win for City if they want to equal the record of winning three Premier Leagues in a row.