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Christian Pulisic Caught Sending Racy Snapchat Messages To Mystery Woman

Christian Pulisic Caught Sending Racy Snapchat Messages To Mystery Woman

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic appears to be the latest addition on the ‘Footballers gone wild’ list, as the 24-year-old was recently caught being naughty on Snapchat. 

The USMNT International joined Chelsea as part of a £58 million deal from Borussia Dortmund back in 2019.

His stint in Blue so far has been middling, to say the least, while there have been some incredible highs, a majority of it has been rather mediocre.

Pulisic’s best spell at Stamford Bridge came under former manager Frank Lampard, who handed the American the No.10 shirt previously worn by club legend Eden Hazard. 

The spark he found under Lampard dwindled shortly after his sacking, only to reignite briefly under Thomas Tuchel. 

Unfortunately, a string of injuries killed any sort of momentum Pulisic gathered, and the forward currently finds himself on the fringes of the Chelsea first team. 

Pulisic recently returned to action after a 2-month long spell on the sidelines due to injury, but he’ll find it difficult to pin down a starting spot.

Especially since the likes of Joao Felix, Mykhaylo Mudryk, and Noni Madueke are currently ahead of him in the pecking order. 

Despite his time away from the pitch, the American turned into a topic of discussion on Twitter a few days ago, and the reason for this was rather startling. 

Fans catch Christian Pulisic being naughty on Snapchat

It all occurred after a few ‘snaps’, allegedly shared by Pulisic, began to circulate online.

The images displayed the American acting like a shy teenager while working his charm on what seems to be a mystery woman. 

The exchange between the two appears to have kicked off with a simple ‘Hi’ from Pulisic, before escalating to a desperate plea. 

The messages supposedly shared by the forward include ‘Goddamn you’re hot’ and ‘Damn take it off’.

Pulisic clearly lacks a bit of subtlety.

Aside from reeking of desperation, the snaps also exhibit an insane amount of adult teen energy.

From his expressions to the half-face selfies, Pulisic looked seconds away from inviting the girl to the year-end ball. 

Before going any further, it’s important to address the legitimacy of the images.

Are Pulisic’s desperate Snaps real or fake?

Franky, there’s no way of knowing for sure, but they are some key factors that point in both directions. 

For instance, Pulisic is known to be an active Snapchat user, he even congratulated the US National Team through a snap after their qualification into the World Cup’s Round of 16. 

And so, if the forward were to go on a wild digital crusade, his platform of preference would likely be Snapchat.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the snaps were forged by adding these suggestive captions to Pulisic’s images.

What is certainly apparent from the images is that they aren’t recent, since the Chelsea man looks relatively younger and his facial hair also differs from the style Pulisic presently has. 

This gives room for the theory that his desperate efforts were just a naive attempt by a younger Pulisic, or at least, that is what we hope is the case. 

Despite its questionable legitimacy, Christian Pulisic would be wise to keep a strong watch on his Snapchat activity.