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FIFA World Cup Fantasy App Points Bug Is An Absolute Nightmare

FIFA World Cup Fantasy App Points Bug Is An Absolute Nightmare

The World Cup is well underway at this point, and it has not disappointed. From controversies to upsets, this tournament seems to have it all. 

While the majority of the world seems to be in a heated discussion about the politics surrounding the cup and the host country, Qatar, Fantasy football users have a whole other problem with the tournament. 

FPL brought about the advent of fantasy football in popular culture, which is a massive online game where people select teams from a pool of players playing in the competition on a limited budget. 

The players are then scored on the basis of their performance in the game they play, and the points are totalled for each game week.

Players then get to see where they and their team stand in the world as millions of users make their own version of teams, choose their own captains (who get double points), and decide on their own differentials, i.e., the surprise package players who could really make a difference.

Just like how FPL is the Fantasy League for the Premier League, the World Cup has the WCF or the World Cup Fantasy.

The concept is entirely the same as the Premier League, but instead of players sorted by clubs, they have players sorted by countries. As expected, it has millions of players around the globe. But right now, a lot of them have the same issue.

The points system just simply isn’t working. 

As mentioned above, the scoring system is crucial to this game. It is what separates the wheat from the chaff, the diamonds from the coal. The more points, the higher you rank in the world table. Although the winners of the WCF do not get any tangible rewards like the winners of the FPL do, they do get immense bragging rights. With the scoring system in disarray, there is a lot of chaos among the players.

The issue seems to be with the sum total calculation and not the calculation of individual points. For example, Bruno Fernandes’ incredible game was perfectly rewarded with the 16 points he earned, however, these 16 points were not added to the cumulative team points.

This specific example of Bruno seems to almost be a trend among the players.

The reason why Bruno is the trend is easy to understand. It is visible that the problem is coming from the Portugal and Uruguay game.

If you take the total of each team and subtract the total of the players from Portugal and Uruguay, you would get the incorrect total that is being displayed in the app. 

In this example, the sum total comes to an incredible 70, while the calculator is stuck at 48. This is because the scores of Bruno and Valverde have not been considered.

The same goes for this incident. The total should come up to 75, but with Bruno being excluded, it has come down to 59.

For a non-Bruno example, here is one that has only Uruguayan players – Nunez and Rochet. The total is, unsurprisingly, short of the 7 points that these 2 have mustered.

This user reported the same Bruno issue but also that his name has not been displayed in the ranking leaderboards. Imagine playing well but not being able to show it off. Unfortunate.

Some users are reporting that the game has since fixed the issue, but there has been communication from the official handles about why the issue arose or if it has indeed been dealt with.

Hopefully, the coders behind the app fix whatever happened this time around and it can be smooth sailing for the World Cup from here on out.