Fans Slam Unappetizing Greek Salad At Qatar World Cup Fan Zone

The middle-eastern country hosting the FIFA World Cup has been a constant source of controversy since it was announced that the 2022-23 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Qatar. 

However, the organisers of the World Cup, while trying to save face, have even publicly issued statements saying that they will host the best tournament and FIFA fan festival in the history of the tournament. 

But, now, fans are of the opinion that Qatar’s promises are just a gag because the country continues to make blunders in the organisation of the subsidiary events of the World Cup, such as the fan festival or the “fan zone,” as Qatar likes to call it.

To give you a little context, Qatar made arrangements for the FIFA fan festival (fan zone) at Doha, Al Bidda Park and promised the footballing community that the festival would be one of a kind. 

The venue has a capacity of forty thousand persons along with stalls and other arrangements for food and drink. 

But the quality of food being served in at least of those stalls leaves a lot to be desired.

As per Footy Scran Twitter account, fans were charged £9 for a Greek Salad that barely looked edible.

The salad appears to have non-uniform chunks of unpeeled cucumber, a few leaves of lettuce, black olives, onion, and bell peppers. The “Greek salad” was also devoid of any Greek Salad dressing. 

That said, the state of the aforementioned Greek Salad, unfortunately, is not the worst woe in the Qatar fan festival.

With beer costing nearly £12 and a mere slice of pizza or a chicken quesadilla costing £8, fans will be genuinely troubled by their decision to head to Qatar for the world’s greatest football tournament.

Looking at the state of things in Qatar, it can be said with confidence that fans will walk away at the end of it all with watering eyes and bleeding pockets, and we’re sure that the tears won’t be those of joy.