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The Ultimate Soundtrack Mashup EA Are Bringing For FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

The Ultimate Soundtrack Mashup EA Are Bringing For FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

With the Qatar World Cup now less than three weeks away, every football fan around the globe is entering World Cup mode.

The tournament only takes place once every four years and is regarded as arguably the most prestigious prize a footballer could win in his career.

But the World Cup isn’t just about the players that perform on the pitch. Supporting them are millions of fans.

Even those individuals with little interest in club football or for the beautiful game, in general, seem to tune in just to watch the best nations take on each other in the World Cup.

For many of the younger generation, this could be their first-ever World Cup. Especially for those born after 2010, this could serve as their first major football tournament in their teenage years.

A high percentage of younger football fans are also into playing the FIFA video games, so EA Sports have also decided to capitalize on the World Cup fever.

In what will be their final FIFA title – FIFA 23 – the famous sports game-makers have also tweaked things to celebrate the upcoming World Cup.

EA Sports will stop producing games in the name of FIFA from next year due to their contract with the governing body ending, but they’re hoping to at least end the partnership on a high note.

Later this week, they are expected to roll out an update where a World Cup Mode is added to FIFA 23 across all platforms. This is similar to what happened in 2018 when FIFA 19 also got a limited-time World Cup Mode through an update.

Players will be able to enjoy the World Cup and play with their favourite nations in the same format as the upcoming tournament in Qatar. But that isn’t the only World Cup-related update that EA Sports will bring in.

They have also decided to create a new unique soundtrack that will be inserted into FIFA 23 just in time for the World Cup.

EA are calling it the ‘UltimateFIFASoundtrack’ which will include some of the most popular songs from their previous FIFA titles over this century.

EA describes the new soundtrack to be filled with ‘Decades of bangers in one iconic soundtrack. Just in time for the FIFA World Cup’. They have even created a Spotify playlist for the soundtrack for fans to enjoy when not playing FIFA 23 either.

The soundtrack is likely to replace the current FIFA 23 soundtrack for a limited time.

The current Spotify playlist has 100 songs included in it and the ones which will get the most streams on Spotify will be selected for the final Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack for the game.

FIFA’s soundtracks have been one of the best things about all the games, introducing fans to some amazing songs and artists.

Fans seem to love this rare brilliant update from the organization that has received a lot of criticism for not properly improving over their last FIFA editions and trying to get more money out of the players.