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Mesut Ozil v Piers Morgan on Twitter overshadows Leeds United v Arsenal

Piers Morgan was beaten in his own game as Mesut Ozil bodied the outspoken media personality and Arsenal megafan on Twitter. On a day it should have been all about the game against Leeds United, Arsenal fans found more joy and thrill in the fight between Ozil and Morgan. Piers Morgan was asking for it […]


Notorious CR7 fan Piers Morgan takes out Lionel Messi with a one-word tweet post Bayern loss

Piers Morgan called out Lionel Messi in a tweet after Barcelona were thrashed by Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League quarter-final clash in Portugal. The Good Morning Britain presenter who is notoriously known to be a Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) supporter, posted a picture of a defeated Messi with the caption that read “Overrated”. The […]

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Piers Morgan’s tweet on Game of Thrones backfires when reminded of his association with Arsenal

Mid-April saw the arrival of the famous TV series Game of Thrones (GoT) come back for its final season. The first episode of season 8 aired on the 15th of April, with the fan-following (which is a huge chunk of the TV viewing world) eagerly waiting for the climax of the show that kept them […]