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Allan Saint-Maximin: The Saviour of Newcastle?

Allan Saint-Maximin: The Saviour of Newcastle?

If there’s one Newcastle player who’s a joy to watch, it’s the unparalleled Allan Saint-Maximin. The suave Frenchman is ruthless, talented, and clearly intent on rising to the top. He’s as good as they always claimed he was – and that’s a rare phenomenon in the world of football.

An attacker extraordinaire, he might also be the only man who can save Newcastle from its recent woes.

A new plan of attack

If you asked any observer what Newcastle’s current plan of attack seems to be, they’d likely have a simple answer for you: pass it to Allan. The team’s last game, played at St James’ Park, was a prime example.

Already 3-1 up, the extraordinarily talented Frenchman soon took command of the ball. Unphased by a lunge from Everton, he rapidly moved it down the length of the pitch. Though many tried, none could stop him. He was poetry in motion, the sun around which his teammates orbited. He took a shot and hit his mark.  

By the time the game was done, Allan Saint-Maximin’s impressive tally stood at 10 dribbles, 52 touches, and three shots at goal. He was – undoubtedly – the man of the match and the player to watch.   

It was exactly what Newcastle needed. The richest club in the world, it’s struggled to remain in the game’s highest echelons in recent times. While the passion of its fans has been undented by its string of ill fortune, with huge numbers still attending matches, and buying merchandise. Newcastle still has a strong presence in the entertainment industry, appearing in the FIFA franchise consistently. Beyond that, there are even football-themed slots at providers like Buzz, which offers bingo online, highlighting how online casinos will use sports to appeal to the existing fan bases, and how dominant the sport is in our entertainment.

In a last desperate bid to remain in the Premier League, the team managed to turn in a star performance, and that was largely down to this one incredible player. If he can continue to play like that moving forward, Newcastle may yet see its fortunes reversed.

Fierce competition

What’s interesting about this match is that the outcome wasn’t guaranteed from the start. In fact, it was Everton that appeared stronger initially. They’re an undoubtedly high-end team with many impressive players, yet what they’ve lacked in recent times is consistency.

Allan Saint-Maximin has never suffered from such a problem. While he’s certainly come into his own of late, he’s simply taken time to mature. The talent we’re seeing now was always there – though perhaps in a rawer form.

Certainly, Marcus Thuram recently talked in World Soccer about having trained with Saint-Maximin when he was still a member of the French Youth Team. He recalled being astounded by his brilliance, even when measured against so many other incredible young players.    

It’s this that Newcastle is going to need if it hopes to remain in the top tier, and with the Frenchman having recently turned 24, his talent is unlikely to peak any time soon. What we’re seeing now is a player in his prime and utterly in command of his unparalleled prowess.

We can’t wait to see what else he has left to bring to the table.