Newcastle winger Allan Saint-Maximin gets into Twitter beef with Everton star Richarlison

Twitter wars between players are somewhat of a rare sight. Nonetheless, whenever FT is blessed with some, it is sure to keep us all entertained and convulsed with laughter.

In these dire times, this recent Twitter exchange between rivals Richarlison and Allan Saint-Maximin is exactly the one we all needed.

As with most quarrels, this one started with a comparison, a Twitter poll to be specific.

The poll was initiated by a fan with the intention to settle the ‘best player outside of top six’ as voted by fans, or so we thought.

The poll caught the attention of a unique eye though, in the shape of the finalist Allan Saint-Maximin himself.

As apparent by his tweet, he took part in the poll, presumably voting for himself.

Massive gaffe from the Evertonian

His contender, Everton’s Richarlison decided to have a poke at it, tweeting out a picture of him winning a duel against the Newcastle star.

He chose the wrong one though, as the snap actually included Maximin’s fellow teammate Christian Atsu.

The Frenchman is way too experienced as a Twitter user not to answer back with a hilariously brutal response.

Exploiting the gaffe, he posted another image of Richarlison alongside another man not named Allan Saint-Maximin.

Trying to save his blushes, the Everton man replied with a picture of him holding the Copa America trophy with Brazil.

However, the damage was done, with the Newcastle number 10 handing out a massive L to his Everton counterpart.