(Photo) New leaked shirt from Nike turns out to be a massive hit with Tottenham fans

In the pandemic-induced suspension of football, leaked kits have become the order for generating excitement.

In recent years, kits makers have been accused of failing to live up to expectations.

However, some kits do manage to receive unanimous praise.Those kits are usually worn during matches and grab the most eyeballs.

So it is quite surprising when a pre-match kit gains more popularity than your matchday kits.

But that is exactly the case with Tottenham fans at the moment.

It is a dark kit that has blue and yellow design patterns splashed across it in equal measure. What makes the kit stand out, is the yellow-colored swoosh of Nike and Tottenham’s crest.

It is a kit that is easy on the eye, yet catchy. One can see why it has caught on with the Spurs fans.

Significantly, the most negative comment about the kit was “Not Bad”, which is proof enough of the impression of the kit amongst the fans.

Some wanted the kit to be their 2nd kit or even their third kit. Some said it was significantly better over the terrible kits that had been leaked so far.


By Abhay Kartha

I love watching football and my free time is usually spent watching the highlights of games, as well as updating my knowledge about what's currently happening on and off the pitch.

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