Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin has Jamie from Twitter on ropes after “PL is boring” jibe

Twitter is a huge platform where a range of opinions can be shared. From news channels to fashion models, from celebrities to common public, there is a great variety to the platform.

This, however, is accompanied by a very nagging side of Twitter, trolls, who are omnipresent in various sections of the social media platform.

One such FT account opinionated upon the seemingly lost ‘good characters’ in the Premier League.

One generally expects these tweets to go fairly unnoticed or at least ignored by the accounts with the blue tick.

Enter Allan Saint-Maximin.

The Newcastle winger presented Jamie from Twitter with one ‘L’ after the other as the attempted trolling resulted in a complete failure.

But Jamie’s misery was amplified even more as Saint-Maximin thwarted every attempt of a comeback and delivered the final blow.

Twitter lesson 101 – never try to troll before checking your facts. Allan took advantage and poor Jamie paid the price.

There was simply no way to come back from this stage.

The Twitter user knew the size of L he took from the thread and scrambled in an attempt to save himself from further embarrassment.

The Newcastle player might have been off on the pitch after returning from injury but his Twitter game is on point.

So all of the Twitter users out there, let this be an example.

Whenever you try to act smart or troll on FT, there might be a French winger with a Gucci headband waiting to pounce.