This Liverpool team goal against Southampton needs to be talked about much more than it is

Every beautiful effort might not catch the attention of the onlookers. One such breathtaking moment that most match reports missed was the Liverpool team goal against Southampton last Saturday.

It was disallowed as Mohamed Salah, who found the net, was clearly offside. However the Reds sweeped the match by a 4 to 0 margin with second half goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jordan Henderson and a brace from the Egyptian.

The spectacular team goal unfolded after the 51st minute when Robertson cleared one of Southampton’s efforts for a goal.

The ball went straight to the Reds keeper Alisson, who passed it to defender Alexander-Arnold.

The ball was received by Wijnaldum, who did a negative pass to Fabinho. Fabinho did a long pass above the head to Chamberlain, who slid it to Firmino at the centre mark.

Firmino did a magnificent run towards the net, and the ball reached Salah near the box. Salah found the target, defeating Saints’ goalkeeper Alex McCarthy; however the goal was not counted as the Egyptian was offside while receiving the ball from Firmino.

Had that goal been allowed, it would have been considered as one of the most beautiful team goals in the history of the league.

Just like a spider weaves its net, the goal was woven from the other box right to the target, gliding past many legs on the way.

Check it out below –