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The 90s Adidas Kit David Beckham Absolutely Adores

The 90s Adidas Kit David Beckham Absolutely Adores

David Beckham has worn a lot of different kits across his storied 20+ year career. He’s donned the red of Manchester United, the white of Real Madrid and even the dark blue of PSG. However, it appears that he has a particular fondness for one unique 90s kit.

In a recent interview with Netflix Queue, Beckham was asked about his favorites kit from the 1990s.

He answered: “My favorite jersey from the 90s? My answer is going to be controversial, because I played for PSG at the end of my career, but there was an all white, shiny Marseille jersey with three blue stripes. I don’t know how I ended up with an OM jersey as a child, but it was one of my favorite jerseys.”

This kit that Beckham is making a reference to is their home kit for their amazing 1992/93 season. This is the same campaign in which the French side won the UEFA Champions League. They defeated AC Milan in the final thanks to the heroics of Abedi Pele.

Beckham might be a PSG supporter due to his alliance with them, but it appears that he fell in love with the Marseille kit after watching them excel in Europe. The simple white kit with blue stripes was designed by Adidas and Japanese brand Panasonic was their shirt sponsor at the time.

In fact, you can actually get your hands on this kit even till this day – despite it being worn by them 30 years ago. The Marseille 1992/93 kit is available on some websites and priced around £30. If someone wants to gift something to Beckham, then perhaps giving him his favorite 90s kit can be a pretty solid way of winning over his respect.

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