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Why Liverpool Fans Are Erasing James Maddison from England Team Photos

Why Liverpool Fans Are Erasing James Maddison from England Team Photos

Liverpool fans have developed this newfound hatred for Tottenham Hotspur in recent weeks and James Maddison in particular.

This is due to the controversy that went down in their 2-1 loss to the Lilywhites in the Premier League. It marks the only game that Jurgen Klopp’s side has lost so far this season and there was a lot of drama surrounding it.

The Reds had two players sent off. But most controversially, a seemingly clean goal from Luis Diaz in the first half was wrongfully ruled out. Klopp was raging at the ineptitude at the VAR officials.

He demanded the PGMOL (Professional Match Officials Limited) release the audio transcription of the conversation between the referee and VAR officials during the incident.

PGMOL did release the audio which confirmed how the referee and the VAR team completely botched the decision.

Soon after that, Klopp urged the officials to order a ‘replay’ for the game –

If not, I can say immediately, and probably some people don’t want me to say it, not as the manager of Liverpool but much more as a football person, I think the only outcome should be a replay. That’s how it is. It probably will not happen. The argument against that will probably be if you open that gate then everybody will ask for it. I think the situation is that unprecedented that a replay would be the right thing.

This irked shock from football fans all over.

Fans were quick to note how many teams might want to replay past games if this was possible. Many people, including James Maddison, found it to be really funny.

The Spurs midfielder decided to rib Trent Alexander-Arnold for his coach’s ridiculous comments during the England camp before the October games.

In a recent Instagram story), he posted a picture of him listening to something Trent is saying. In the cheeky caption, he wrote: “Still asking for a replay.”

This was a clear jibe at Klopp’s call for a replay and many Liverpool fans seemingly agreed with him too.

Trent didn’t actually seem that bothered with the comments because he’s actually good mates with Maddison.

The Liverpool fanbase, however, did not see the funny side to it at all. A lot of supporters completely turned on the England international and called him out for having no trophies in his career.

Some fans can’t even see the sight of his face and seem to literally erase Maddison in pictures together with Trent.

It seems that Maddison has made himself public enemy no.1 when it comes to Liverpool fans with his cheeky comments.

However, the Spurs star later reaffirmed that the post was just banter and he has no issues with Trent –

Nah, the conversation wasn’t anything to do with that. Just having a bit of banter with Trent. Trent is a good friend of mine, we get on really well. Tongue-in-cheek banter! That game is in the past, we were just having a little mess around.

Despite his comments, Maddison is far from the good graces of Liverpool fans.

The Reds’ faithful are probably eager for the day when Spurs visit Anfield for the reverse fixture, where the English midfielder can expect to get a raging reception for his recent antics.