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Victor Lindelof Dons Bold Leather Attire for Vogue Photoshoot: ‘Mr Slave from South Park’

Victor Lindelof Dons Bold Leather Attire for Vogue Photoshoot: ‘Mr Slave from South Park’

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof might be lining up a modelling career ahead of him and his latest shoot for Vogue magazine with his wife Maja Lindelof seems to indicate that.

Soon after his side’s thrilling win over Brentford, the Swedish defender was revealed to be the latest to pose for Vogue Scandinavia magazine.

Lindelof is seen wearing a rather bold, all-black attire for the photo shoot. He is wearing a black leather vest along with matching black pants in one picture. He can also be seen in a rather difficult attire in a picture along with his wife Maja for the magazine.

In the other picture, Lindelof is only wearing red pants and is shirtless – while his wife is wearing a brown leather coat. The two partners can also be seen wearing matching black leather outfits in the photoshoot for the magazine.

A possible reason why Lindelof and his wife were chosen for this is unlikely to be because of his exploits for United. That is because off the pitch, both Victor and Maja indulge in admirable humanitarian work. They are both ambassadors for Unicef and often take time to help those in need in association with Unicef.

However, a lot of disgruntled United fans are not at all impressed by Lindelof’s modelling work. Some feel that he probably would’ve been booted out of the team had he played under Sir Alex Ferguson. Others feel that he needs to focus more on improving his defensive work than on his off-the-pitch exploits.

Fans have likened Lindelof to sadomasochist character ‘Mr Slave’ from the animated show ‘South Park’. The United defender might come off as a dashing model in this photoshoot, but he definitely doesn’t get any brownie points from fans for this.

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