Photo – Man Utd star Victor Lindelof dons ladies’ garments to celebrate wife’s new dress collection

In the modern world, as both husbands and wives look to be more successful in their professional careers, it has become paramount for them to support each other. Nowadays, it is more and more important for men to support their spouses as they achieve greater heights, and that is exactly what Victor Lindelof did.

The Manchester United centre-back did what could possibly be one of the most supportive and adorable gestures of all-time. His wife, Maja Nilsson, is a blogger and she hosts her own podcast. She was recently launching her own clothing line.

To support his wife, Lindelof celebrated the launch of the clothing line by pouring champagne and bringing her flowers, while wearing one of the dresses from her clothing line.

Maja was in awe of the gesture and you cannot blame her for it. It was a sweet way of celebrating the woman he loves and simultaneously, breaking a few stereotypes along the way.

This was the perfect beginning for her clothing line and even she couldn’t have written the script any better.

In these testing times, it is nice to see everyone cherishing their families and this break may be a reminder for all to continue to love and support their loved ones, like Lindelof.


By Abhay Kartha

I love watching football and my free time is usually spent watching the highlights of games, as well as updating my knowledge about what's currently happening on and off the pitch.

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